14k Yellow Gold Ball Stud Earrings Special Wing Nut Screwback High Polish - New

This is a great new innovation in gold ball studs. These 14k gold earrings feature our new wingnut screwbacks. The earring post is threaded (about 40% from the back). To put on: just push the wingnut onto the post. To remove: just screw (spin) the wingnut off the post. This is nice because you can spin the wingnut as high or low on the bar as you want to make it more snug or loose on the ear. This is a huge upgrade, compared to the older standard style screwback ball that only spins to cover the end of the post - this wingnut has the ability to run much further onto the post. The earrings are solid gold, not plated, filled, or dipped and they are secured with the special wingnut screw backs. These 14k gold earrings are available in ball sizes from 3mm-8mm. Depending on the size chosen; they are a great option for children, teens, or adults who want a high quality pair of studs. 1-14YE-ER596-PS

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